30 Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain

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The increasing amount of time people spend pursuing sedentary activities these days means that lower back pain is an issue which affects pretty much all of us at some point or another. Whether it’s too much time sat hunched over a laptop in the office, or slouched on the sofa watching TV or playing video games, huge numbers of people treat their lumbar spines with absolute contempt.

Fortunately for most, the discomfort that this modern day lifestyle inflicts upon us, can be relatively easily remedied with a good deal of stretching, to alleviate the pain, and strengthening, to help prevent problems persisting in the future.

Stretching Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain

There are a number of useful and easy to master stretching exercises which if performed regularly can not only help to reduce discomfort and get you moving again after a prolonged period of lower back pain but can also help to prevent recurrences of similar issues.

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