Why Every Athlete Needs a Sports Chiropractor

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Whether an athlete, or just someone who is physically active, we all want to perform our best. We want to train for that marathon or cycling rally, compete in our next tennis match, or show up for Crossfit in our best form and, hopefully, participate free of pain.

Sports chiropractic can help with this.

Sports chiropractors specialize in three additional areas from conventional chiropractors. While we can absolutely perform necessary chiropractic adjustments of the neck and back, we are additionally focused on:

preventing athletic injuries
diagnosing and treating existing sports-related pain and injuries, and improving body function to maximize training and performance.
Injury Prevention

Athletes put a lot of demands on their bodies, particularly the joints. Posture issues, muscle imbalances, skeletal misalignments and existing pain from sleep positions or sitting at a desk for long periods can affect the form we take when running, lifting weights or swinging a golf club, and that can lead to injuries in the neck, back, elbows, hips, and knees — really anywhere with a joint!

Sports chiropractors can analyze body type and posture against the muscles and movements used in an athlete’s sport of choice to correct issues that lead to compensation injuries or those that result from improper sports technique. We can also address mild pain — usually a signal there is a more severe pain to come — before it leads to damage that may take you out of your game for good.

Sports Injury Diagnosis and Rehab

Often when an athlete gets injured, they realize there were signs this was going to happen: mild pain that increased with activity or lingering soreness well after the game was over. As experts in sports rehabilitation, sports chiropractors diagnose sports injuries and create treatment plans that involve a variety of rehab therapies including cold therapy, massage, taping, manual manipulation and stretch and strengthening exercises, among others, to allow athletes to return to their sport faster.

Improved Training and Performance

By focusing on improving overall body function, and increasing range of motion and muscle strength and tone, a sports chiropractor can assist athletes in optimizing and enhancing performance. Whether your goal is to run faster, swing harder, jump higher or play longer, sports chiropractors can analyze your training-to-results ratio to determine which factors might be keeping yours from reaching your fitness goals. These can include improper warm-up, nutrition deficiencies, sleep issues or overtraining, among many others.

No matter what your age or experience level, a sports chiropractor can help keep you injury-free while improving overall athletic performance. If you already have an injury, we can get you back to your sport of choice safely, quickly and stronger than before.

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