‘Super Easy’ Stretch

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A Harvard-trained sports medicine doctor shares the ‘super easy’ stretch she does every day to relieve lower back pain


The pandemic has not been kind to our lower backs.

A Gallup poll conducted in January found that 56% of American employees were “always” or “sometimes” working from home, while another survey found that 18% of Americans said they added more than seven hours of daily sitting time to their days in 2020.

As a result, more people are ...

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Zen Life Flexibility Program

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Increase your body’s flexibility, reducing soreness and stiffness

You really can experience healing on multi-dimensional levels (body, soul, and spirit.) With our special Program, you’ll discover the simplest, gentlest ways to increase your joint flexibility, remove the cause of most major diseases and deepen your spiritual connection.

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Resources : If you want to be healthy and live to one hundered, do qigong. -Mehmet Oz

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