Realigning Hips After Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, your entire body changes as your child grows. One of the most prominent effects of this is the shifting of the hip bones. The hips must shift to allow the newborn to make its way easily down the birth canal. However, after the child is born, the hips may remain out of alignment, causing pain and discomfort.

Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy keeps your body in alignment and makes sure the baby has room to grow. This can mean keeping the hips and spinal column aligned so that you can breathe easier and sit more comfortably as the baby begins to move more and then finally, transition to the head-down position shortly before birth.

Dealing with Post-Partum Discomfort

After the baby is born, your body will gradually start to return to its prior stature. For some, this may not happen on its own. Visiting our chiropractor during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth, will help keep your hips in proper alignment. After pregnancy, it may take two or three adjustments to keep your hips in place. A visit to our chiropractor is the first step in restoring the alignment of your hips.

Visit Advanced Back and Neck Care to Have Your Hips Realigned!

Giving birth can be a very traumatic experience. While the pain of childbirth wanes quickly, the discomfort that is associated with your hips being out of alignment can last for months if not treated. If you are dealing with post-partum pain and discomfort, a visit to our wellness chiropractor can help. If you are pregnant or have just given birth, visit Advanced Back and Neck Care in Burlington County to restore balance within your body, today.

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