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“The way we sleep, the pillows we choose and how we use our phones are some of the lifestyle choices that all contribute to the
gradual breakdown of your posture…….”

  • Good posture is natural, but our modern world often stands in the way
  • Awareness and daily practice are the best ways to improve your posture
  • Causes | How did it get this bad?
  • Solutions | How can I fix it?
  • Five different types of posture and ow to address each
  • Sabotages | Things that cam make it worse
  • Chiropractic’s role in maintaining good posture

It’s important to include your doctor of chiropractic (DC) on your journey to better posture. Your DC can assess problem
areas that might be causing current pain or lead to discomfort. The doctor may also recommend exercises to strengthen core
postural muscles and stretches to enhance flexibility, helping reduce the risk of injury.

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