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Hi, my name is Rich H. and I started the ChiroTHIN program almost a year ago. I lost 43 pounds and I have managed to keep it off.

Believe me it was not easy. Nothing worth having is easy. I lost the weight and I also changed my relationship with food. I figured out it was OK to have the “junk ” food once in a while instead of always. I learned to drink more water, tea, and coffee without all the extras. Fruits and vegetables became the “go to” rather than once in a while.

I still struggle with carbohydrates especially potato chips, pizza and bread. I love them all but I know it leads to added pounds. I try to limit my consumption of these foods because I know I will give in and have that 2nd helping.

Chirothin helped me to achieve my desired weight loss. I have been able to maintain my weight loss by continuing to follow the plan. I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone who is trying to lose weight.

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